Will Call

Concert-goers need to have the following with them to pick up their will call tickets: ID, confirmation number and credit card used to purchase. If for some reason we can’t find their tickets with their ID, we can use their confirmation number, if their confirmation number isn’t noted correctly, we can look up the purchase with their credit card.

Lost Tickets

If concert-goers have lost their tickets, they need to contact Ticketmaster customer service (800-653-8000) BEFORE they get to the on-site box office. Lost or stolen tickets will not be reissued unless the account is noted

Your tickets were purchased under someone else’s name

Concert–goers must contact Ticketmaster customer service (800-653-8000) BEFORE they get to the on-site box office. Account must be noted that original purchaser has designated an alternate pick-up.

  • Sierra Lynn Troxel

    I am so pumped. My First concert ever!

  • Sobreviviente Nicole Stark

    My hubby is thinking about getting tickets for my first concert ever to this :D

  • Jake Fontes

    Im currently deployed overseas and I SHOULD be back in time for this! Im excited. LOVE ROCKFEST!! I am patiently waiting for these tickets to go on sale…. 10am there will be 1900 here (7pm). Got myself and a few of my brothers here wanting to go

  • psychomike6896

    is your p.a. system gonna hold up this year, and is skrilex gonna be preforming with korn?

  • Fantayshia Taylor

    How do u get tickets online

  • sgtmonte

    Got my tickets!!!!!

  • michael

    is there an age restriction to get in?

  • tyler

    whats the code

  • Donna Pritchard-k

    I want to go

  • josh

    how quick does rockfest sell out?

  • Lou

    how do i get the $25.00 tickets???

  • Jenny

    Are their still hotel packages available?

  • Bossface

    I want those damn tickets. FFDP!!!

  • sean

    Have you got them yet

  • SoulOfShadows23

    Got tickets, cant wait!

  • Breanna Lee Heuszel

    Who wants to buy me 2 tickets? :D

  • Breanna Lee Heuszel

    Fairly quick-like. :/ I know, I can’t afford the tickets yet!

  • Breanna Lee Heuszel

    We can go together :D

  • Jimmy Ortiz

    Tickets, in my mailbox, TODAY!!!! Woot!!

  • Sara Crum

    Even though my boyfriend has to work he still bought me a ticket for my birthday!!!!!!!!Cant wait

  • Stephonie Dailing

    I’m trying to buy my tickets right now, and it seems that the price is ungodly. Did I miss something? Is it to late to get the rock-a-holic pricing? If so that’s unfortunate but I will still be going.

  • Jenny Kerr Schlueter

    I just bought my son his ticket:
    Ticket = $45
    Service Fee = $10.90
    Processing Fee = $5.65
    Total = $61.55
    I said WTF!!!

  • Jake Benham

    You really shouldn’t complain about the pricing, since there are going to be 15 bands there, and outside of Rockfest it would cost $75 plus just to see Korn.

  • amanda wilson

    <—traveling from England for this :)

  • kye

    Is there any tickets left?

  • Joshua Loiselle


  • Dont Ask

    CHEAP for what you’re getting. Saw a similar concert set to rockfest tickets were $120. They have to pay for these huge bands somehow.